Safe Ride Motor Club

Whether you’re facing a daily commute or planning the perfect weekend getaway, the SafeRide Motor Club offers a wide range of exclusive benefits to ensure care-free driving every day of the year

In addition to traditional benefits such as emergency roadside assistance, the SafeRide Motor Club also includes many “perks” such as customized trip routing and valuable hotel, rental car, discounts throughout the United States. Bottom line… SafeRide Motor Club gives you the protection and confidence you need to safely reach your destination.



Your SafeRide Motor Club Membership will provide you many value added and use vehicle benefits. Standard Plan Benefits Include:

24-Hour “Sign & Drive” Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Towing
  • Jump Starts
  • Tire Changes (with your inflated spare)
  • Vehicle Fluid Discovery (cost of fluids extra)
  • Lockout Assistance (cost of key cutting/replacement extra)
  • Concierge Service(emergency phone call support & assistance

Custom Trip Routing Service

Upon request, SafeRide Motor Club will assist each member with driving directions, maps and travel itineraries for domestic auto travel within the US. Members can also receive assistance with reservations for air, rental car and hotel.

Hotel Discounts

Members take advantage of savings when making reservations at well-known national hotel chains nationwide

Rental Car Discounts

Members enjoy car rental discounts at selected, nationally recognized companies across US and Canada

Key Replacement

Members may have either their key or key remote (FOB) replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed



As an added value to the SafeRide Motor Club Standard benefits, members may choose to enhance their membership by selecting Membership Upgrade Plan. These plans are individually designed to provide protection against the most commonly experienced automotive incidents like; cracked windshields, door dents/dings, and road hazard damage to tires/wheels. Plans can be combined to receive maximum coverage.

Bronze Plan – Front Windshield Repair

This Membership Upgrade benefit provides for the repair of chips and/or cracks caused by propelled rocks or road hazard debris while driving on public roads, streets and highways. Also includes stress cracks or breakage caused by extreme temperature changes, highway potholes or road hazards.

Silver Plan – Paint less Dent Repair (PDR)

This Membership Upgrade benefit provides for limited repair of most small dents and dings on exterior vertical, painted sheet metal body panels. Paint less Dent Repair is a detailing process developed by automobile manufacturing teams that use specialized hand tools to gently push dented metal back to its original or near original form. This procedure removes door dings without harming the factory’s original finish.

Gold Plan – Tire & Wheel Protection

This Membership Upgrade benefit provides vehicle tire repair or replacement when damaged by a road hazard, including conditional vehicle wheel replacement. Road Hazard is defined as: objects and road conditions such as potholes, rocks, nails, metal parts, wood debris, plastic or composite scraps, or any items causing tire damage other than normal wear and tear.

Platinum Plan – Scratch Repair

Don’t let scratched ruin the appeal of your vehicle!

Titanium Plan – Limited Vehicle Maintenance

Members are reimbursed for general vehicle maintenance services such as oil and filter change, tire rotation or fluid flush when performed at a licensed auto dealership, national service center, quick-lube or repair facility

Comprehensive Plan

This Membership Upgrade plan provides the inclusive coverage of ALL SafeRide Upgrade Plans: Deluxe Roadside Assistance Plan and Key Replacement, Front Windshield Repair, Paint less Dent Repair, Tire & Wheel Protection, Scratch Repair, and Limited Vehicle Maintenance. This membership selection offers the maximum coverage available from SafeRide Motor Club, Drive Select Program.

Standard – Roadside Assistance and Gold Plan – Tire & Wheel Protection are the only benefits available for Motorcycles under the Comprehensive Plan

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All vehicles and certain vehicles and brands of vehicles may not qualify for all or any of these benefits. Please ask your business & finance manager for details.