When you need maintenance on your new Mitsubishi or pre-owned model, you need a reliable team you can trust. With our factory-trained technicians at North End Motors, you know we are the service center you can rely on.

Service for Your Mitsubishi

Our team will provide your next inspection, oil change or tire rotation. There’s no limit to the services we can provide. What’s most important is that you have regular car care to keep your vehicle running the way it should. This includes having the brakes checked, your transmission inspected and the engine oil changed. You also want us to look at your tire tread to ensure you are safe while driving.

Beyond that, our services can also improve the driving efficiency of your vehicle. We want to make sure that your car or SUV is running at its best. Not only will this keep the car running longer, but it will save you money at the fuel pump. When the day is over, if you prefer to sell your vehicle, you will have a full record of the inspections and services that have been performed. By taking care of your vehicle, you increase the resale value and provide a quality car to the next owner.

Consider Us Your Team

Our professional team is ready to help you today. We provide top-notch Mitsubishi service for all makes, no matter how old it is. If you want your car or SUV to last for many more years, you should visit our shop for an appointment. We can do a complete inspection to determine what needs to be dealt with. Then, we will show you the maintenance schedule, so you know what to expect over the next months and years. From brake pad replacement to oil changes, we are here to service your Mitsubishi in Canton.


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