When you visit North End Motors in Canton, MA, you see something different. That’s because we strive to offer 100% credit approval, no matter what your score reflects. We understand that life isn’t perfect; that’s why we provide solutions to fit your needs.

Before buying a car with bad credit, make sure you take these steps.

1. Check Your Credit Score

It helps to know what your credit score is. Just because you’ve made a couple of late payments or you’ve pushed your budget too far, doesn’t mean you have bad credit. Never assume that you know what your score it – find out for certain.

Your credit score decides what your interest rate will be. Check with the three major credit bureaus before you start shopping so you know what you are dealing with.

2. Improve your Credit Score

After you’ve checked your score, see if there are any ways to make an improvement. If there are mistakes, you need to dispute them and have them removed. Taking care of some old accounts also helps to raise your score.

3. Work with a Dealer That Helps You

After you’ve done everything possible to get the best credit score you can, it’s time to find a dealer. Many dealerships don’t want to work with people that have bad credit, but we do.

At North End Motors in Canton, MA, we have innovative solutions that get you behind the wheel of the car you want. Sit with our qualified finance team to plot out a course that works for you. Our staff knows how to get the lowest interest rates and the most competitive monthly payments possible.

No matter what you’ve done in your past, there’s an auto loan out there for you. Let us help you find it.


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