If you found a vehicle you want from our Mitsubishi inventory, the next question is whether you should finance or lease it. At North End Motors, we have the details that make the answer obvious for your situation. Our expert financing team can provide further guidance if you need it. Let’s look at the available options.

Lease vs. Finance

As you look at new Mitsubishi models, you have two primary options to choose between. You can either finance the car, which results in you owning it or you can lease it for a time period. While there are benefits to both, you will find that one suits you more than another.

For example, leasing is a good choice if you need to put down less money and require a low monthly payment. You get to drive a new vehicle with the top features without spending more than you need to. Then, you can trade it in a few years later and upgrade to a newer model. Of course, this option isn’t ideal if you drive more than average as there is a mileage cap to the agreement.

Purchasing a Mitsubishi vehicle also has benefits. If you have poor credit, financing is easier to get than a lease. Plus, this vehicle will be yours once the payments are completed. You have complete control over the modifications and upgrades you do to the car or SUV. You also get to decide how often you want to drive. Plus, when you sell the vehicle, you have money for another car.

Get a New Mitsubishi Today

You can meet with the finance department at North End Motors to figure out which option is best for you. Fill out your credit application and estimate the payments. We will work within your budget to help you find the vehicle of your dreams. We strive to approve everyone, no matter what your credit looks like. Schedule your consultation today.


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